Fire/Light Performance Company -Kaguzuchi-
Performance Art Project KAGUZUCHI stands for the name of fire god from Japanese mythology and is a dream team project to create stage shows by highly skilled world class performers in Japan.

Kaguzuchi offers visually entertaining moments by using glowing materials in the dark.
Fire, a powerful and dynamic material which speaks directly to your five senses is which Kaguzuchi love and have speciality the most among the others. On the other side, high-tech electric devices are also its special items to create stage shows with beautiful colors and lights and it suits every situation and environment.

Kaguzuchi has collaborated and directed the show stages of well-known Japanese artists such as SEKAI NO OWARI, Momoiro Clover-Z, AKB48, Kyary Pamyupamyu, Porno Graphiti, based on high level of safety and achievements from the past.  

Large scale stage shows using fire inside dome stadiums and football grounds: cheering performance for Japanese major league baseball team SOFTBANK HAWKS national dome tour “Taka no Saiten” and major league baseball team SEIBU LIONS ; Half-time show during official game of Japanese Professional Football League KAWASAKI FRONTALE ; Official Game of National Basketball League.

Kaguzuchi has done opening acts of international events : solo show @ Hollywood movie premiere screening ; solo show @ Japan’s biggest F1 race event “Suzuka 8 hours endurance road racing”

Kaguzuchi’s show consists of each performer’s one and only special show case and sophisticated group performance. It’s perfect to wide range of situations from from small local festivals to mega events and it’s also just as perfect for indoor corporation events.

Now in 2018(November), the total of performance date has gone over 600 days and number of stage show is over a 1,000 times since 2011.

Past Corporate Events/Concerts
Sony, Coca-Cola, Google, OMRON, Honda, Lenovo, Harley-Davidson, Bloomberg, T.V. Commercials and many more.
In 2014, Kaguzuchi produced a 7 minute performance for the Japanese famous rock band Porno Graffiti and did performance only with fire while all the lights were turned off in the stadiums with the capacity of 35,000 for their stadium tour in Japan.

In 2015, Kaguzuchi performed a full show with light props at Google’s worldwide event “Ingress Shonin” at Kyoto International Conference Center with the capacity of 6,000.
In the fall for several months, Kaguzuchi joined the whole Japan Hall tour(21 places) and London concert of the world famous Japanese pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and directed and performed with Graphic Poi and did a 2 minute single show at every single stage.

In 2016, Kaguzuchi has started to perform regular shows at the brand new entertainment restaurant “Croket Mimc Tokyo”, which was produced by the Japanese famous mimic artist Croket.

In July, launched the very first fire performance during half-time show of official game of National J. league team(Japan Professional Football League) Kawasaki Frontale, using pyrotechnichs and real flame inside a soccer stadium.
In August, performed at Kofu Castle, and at Heijokyo, the former capital site from Nara period, which is now registered as World Heritage.
In September, our LED performance was an attraction of cutting-edge technology EXPO right in front of Akihabara station, the mecca of electronics in Tokyo.
Near to the end of the year, had two opportunities which we were requested to direct/choreograph/perform for two Japanese female pop star groups, AKB48 and Momoiro Clover Z. At Makuhari Messe, Japan’s one of the largest convention centers where Momoiro Clover Z’s Christmas concerts were held, we had an honor to do the very first fire show inside such facility.

High Standards of Safety Level
Kaguzuchi is super cautious about the use of fuels and props and safety management of each performer. We are equipped with insurance for probable risks. We can also prepare fire resistant cloths to protect the stage.
We have accompolished safe and satisfying show stages in Japan and at over seas.


Always searching something new and fresh to create show stages which cannot be found anywhere else. Its cutting-edge performances cannot fit into former art forms: It’s a new culture.

Kaguzuchi’s show stages consist of various forms of lights, music and dance therefore they’re non-verbal. Non-verbal form of expression can directly touch people’s hearts and go beyond boundaries of languages, cultures, from young to old, races or nationalities.

The Origin of the Name Kaguzuchi
Kaguzuchi is the name of the god of fire in the Japanese ancient mythology.
In the myths about “Kuniumi”(the birth of the land of Japan) and “Kamiumi”(the birth of gods), Izanagi and Izanami procreated many children who formed the land of Japan and Kaguzuchi was the last child. Kaguzuchi is the origin of the word “Kagayaku” meaning ‘being radiant’.
Because Kaguzuchi was born, this world and the other world after death became separate worlds and new gods were procreated as well as night and day.


出演履歴 Career

テレビ番組 TV SHOW
  Fuji Television Network, Inc.「Peke×Pon」
  Kansai Telecasting Corporation「Fujiyama☆Star」
  Fuji Television Network, Inc.「FNS地球特捜隊ダイバスター」
  Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.「KUNOICHI」
  Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.「SASUKE」
  Nippon Television Network Corporation「ショーバト!」
  Shibuya Television「Fire Performer」
  Fuji Television Network, Inc.正月特番「パフォーマンス営業部」
  Taiwan CTV「DAGADA2011」
 音楽プロモーションビデオ MUSIC VIDEO
  ayumi hamasaki「GAME]
  KOSHI INABA「wonderland」
  mihimaru GT「Magical Speaker」
  GARNET CROW「Yume・Hanabi」
  JASMINE「This is not a game」
  Metis「My Love」
 テレビコマーシャル TV CM
  「Fire Performance Art-from the far east-」
  ポイレッスンビデオ 「INFINITE SKILL of POI」
  Indonesia The Festival of The United Cities 
  Indonesia Angklung Cafe
  Indonesia Southern Stars Cafe
  Thailand Bangkok 「Juggle Jam Boat Trip」
  Thailand Koh Pha Ngan 「FULL MOON PARTY」
  Thailand Koh Samui 「RED CROSS Festival」
  Thailand Koh Samui 「Rock Cafe」
  Thailand Pattaya Hilton Hotel 「International Music Festival 2011」
  Cambodia Siem Reap 「Angkor Wat」
  Taiwan Taipei 「Taipei101 & XimenStreet」
  Taiwan Taoyuan 「RABBITHOLE」
  Taiwan Taipei CTV 「DAGADA2011」
  South Korea 「Inchon International Mime Festival」
  South Korea 「Itaewon Global Village Festival」
  South Korea Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel「Vision Quest」
  South Korea 「The Fashion 2007」
  South Korea Epic High Concert
  South Korea 「Chuncheon International Mime Festival」
  South Korea CLUB CIRCLE
  South Korea CLUB Volume「Cuervo Shooter Night」
 企業系イベント EVENTS
  Bloomberg L.P.
  Harley‐Davidson Motor Company「Blue Sky Heaven」
  Harley‐Davidson Motor Company「H.O.G/BRAG Christmas」
  United Parcel Service Inc.
  Tokyo Midtown「SAKURA Cafe」
  Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  Seiko Epson Corporation
  Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
  Toyama Municipal Family Park
  USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
  Uny Co., Ltd.
  Shueisha Inc.「Ninja School NARUTO」
  AEON MALL Co., Ltd.
  Fuji Television Network, Inc
 民間系イベント EVENTS
 その他イベント EVENTS
  La rose des Vents
 野外フェスティバル FESTIVAL
  Japan Fire Festival
  Dance of Shiva
  Wood Vibration
  Bird's Eye View


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